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Yesterday was another short but great ride, only 25 miles but of continuous, non-stop pedaling with interval work. This year I’m doing Chris Carmichael’s training technique of short but hard training rides, I mainly want to see if this kind of training will maintain fitness for distance rides.

Here in SF, there’s a outdoor track about .65 mile around and 7 minutes from my house called the Polo Fields, that’s where I’ve been working out pretty regularly recently. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have such a place to train. It’s the only place in the area where one can ride non-stop for hours, there’s no cars so it’s as safe as you can get, except for the occasional unpredictable pedestrian and newbie cyclist. If you get bored going round and round many times, it may take a bit of getting used to but the scenery is good with plenty of trees, lady joggers on the upper track, and there’s a restroom and water fountain.

Last but not least, in the dry months, there’s a growing group of local racers that paceline around the track starting around 6 pm and into the night with lights front and rear. Why at night? No people. So, if you need some high intensity work, you can join in and see how long you can last. There’s one group last year that did a century, yes, 100 miles around the .65 mile track, let’s see, that adds up to about 160 laps I think, simply amazing!

Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park, SF

Polo Field track curve

Polo Field track, straight away.

Polo Field night training

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